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Academic Stress – A growing concern among young generation

February 27, 2014 | Author : Dr. Dhanya V. Nair

Academic Stress – A Growing Concern Among Young Generation

As an old saying goes “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy!!”, academic stress has become a serious social issue among adolescents and has been increasing over time. The excessive emotional and psychological pressure a student receives to achieve academic excel has led to various health and neurological complications among youngsters. Competitive environment in academics and job market, demanding parents, poor relationship with teachers, numerous assignments, and lack of time for recreational activities has developed a negative perception among students to gather and memorize extensive knowledge in inadequate time in order to achieve optimal academic performance. Moreover, stressful academic situations also adversely affect the performance of the individual.

On one side it is often argued that stress is important to perform better but the fact is that stress only up to a certain extend helps a student by triggering him to work better but a persistent stressful environment with continuous bombardment of assignments, presentations, exams, interim tests, projects and high expectations of parents and teachers to excel in all these aspects of academics creates a rather difficult situation for the students. This persistent type of stress can also turn out to be disastrous as stressed students in order to find solace easily succumb to vices like drugs, smoking and alcohol. Hence, it is very important to understand the criticality of the situation and take steps to create a stress free academic environment for students. Approaches towards combating stress among students can only be achieved by spending enough time with them and counseling them on various aspects like time management. Parents and teachers who play an equally important role in this aspect must try to understand the needs and emotional inhibitions of children and must try to help them overcome exam fears and unnecessary stress. Enough time for relaxation and recreational activities must also be given to children so that they feel least stressed. Thus, by creating a stress free environment for students not only are we helping them build a better future but also will be contributing towards national growth.

So Students ……Live life stress free!!!

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