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Stress at workplace

January 10, 2014 | Author : Dr. Dhanya V. Nair

Stress Management In The Workplace

Occupational stress, commonly referred to stress at workplace is the one of the leading cause of emerging chronic stress and related disabilities worldwide among blue as well as white collard workers. Work place stress not only adversely affects the health of the employees but also reduces the productivity of the organization. Global economic disturbances leading to job insecurities,constant demand for high performance and highly competent professional environment are the major causes of chronic stress among employees. Endless interaction with sophisticated devices like laptop and mobile phones and unhealthy lifestyle has made the working population poor victims of harmful radiations and stress. Conflict with co workers and bosses,social harassment and discrimination also considerably contributes towards the prevailing stress among employees. Financial constraints and the the urge to make money has compelled our working class to ignore health little aware that one day they may succumb to chronic stress and lifestyle diseases like diabetes, arteriosclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease and cancer.

Symptoms of work related stress are manifested mainly as disinterest in performing work related activities, tiredness, fatigue, anxiety ,poor work performance, lack of concentration and development of negative attitude.Physical symptoms like headaches,muscular tension,difficulty in sleeping and gastrointestinal upsets in long run may lead to serious disorders of heart,nervous system and liver.Psychological and behavioral symptoms like mood swings, irritability,frustration and self isolation result in loss of productivity.

Most of these symptoms are often ignored by employees as well as employers.Thus it is important to understand that workplace stress not only affects the health and well being of the employee but also the productivity of the organization.Hence a collaborative effort from the employers as well as employees is essential to eradicate work-related stress from the society.Sincere efforts must be undertaken by organizations to evaluate stress among their employees and effective measures should be implemented to ensure a safe and stress free working environment.An effective stress management policy must be devised to counter stress at workplace.Training’s and workshops on stress management can act as effective tools to reach out to employees.Individuals should also take efforts to help themselves by regular exercising and by maintaining a healthy and balanced diet. Creating a stress free work zone will benefit the organization by increasing the productivity and providing greater job satisfaction to the employees

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