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Impact of Stress on Liver

Jan 16, 2016

Dangerous Oxidative Stress

Understanding Stress makes you equipped to deal with it better.
How stress Impacts Live

1. During stress, Natural Killer Cells are expanded in the liver, which can contribute to liver cell death and owrsening of liver disease because of inflammation

2. In the part of the brain that controls the liver, stress appears to impair blood flow and may lead to or trigger liver damage.

3. Stress can directly impact the inflammatory process that takes place in the liver. In those with chronic liver disease, inflammation is the beginning in a series of events that cause liver damage.

What role does Liver play in your body? Cleanses blood: Metabolizing alcohol and other drugs and chemicals, Neutralizing and destroying poisonours substances.

Regulates the supply of body fuel: Producing, storing & supplying quick energy (glucose) to keep the mind alert and the body active, Producing, storing and exporting fat.

Manufactures many essential body proteins involved in: Transporting substances in the blood Clotting of blood, Providing resistance to infection.

Regulates the balance of many hormones: Sex hormones, Thyroid hormones, Adrenal hormones, Regulates body cholesterol, Produces cholesterol, excrete and converts it to other essential substances. Regulates the supply of essential vitamins and minerals such as iron and copper, produces bile which eliminates toxic substances from the body and aids digestio

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