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According to Ayurveda, human body comprises of three doshas i.e vata, pitta and kapha. These are also present in the nature. These three doshas are in constant interaction with each other in our body as well as in nature. The balance between the three doshas establishes a psychological and physical well-being also referred scientifically as “homeostasis”. The three doshas govern all the metabolic activities and when this balance is disturbed, it leads to what we call as ”STRESS”.

Brain is the only organ involved in stress is a common misconception among people who correlate stress only with mental and emotional conditions. Brain is definitely the most vulnerable organ to stress but the real stress originates from within our body due to stress inducers like unhealthy lifestyle, frenzied work schedules ,poor eating habits and vices like chronic alcoholism and smoking. Our state of the art technology also plays a negative role in the increasing stress among people. Constant touch with radiation emitting devices like cell phones and laptops,exposure to harmful air and sound pollutants,consumption of preservative aided foods and last but not the least extensive competitive environment and multitasking plays a crucial role in build up of “chronic stress”.

The most surprising fact about chronic stress is that an individual is not able to identify the symptoms of this stress for a long period of time which is the major cause of increasing incidence of chronic stress. The stress inducers leads to formation of harmful chemicals called as “free radicals” that cause cellular damage and imbalance in cellular physiology. These free radicals are nothing but electrically charged oxygen molecules that are generated during normal cellular processes. The free radicals are highly reactive and steal electrons from cell membranes and DNA. This chain reaction finally leads to organ damage and development of lifestyle diseases like arteriosclerosis,cancer and neurodegenerative disorders.

This condition scientifically is termed as “Oxidative stress” and commonly referred to as “Chronic stress”. Chronic stress has emerged as a global threat in our community. Scientists and global health organisations like WHO have already identified Chronic Stress as the the leading cause of disability and lifestyle diseases worldwide and have alarmed public against increasing chronic stress, but unfortunately our competing and cutthroat generation has given no time to man to pause,think and improve his quality of life. Synthetic nutritional supplements to combat free radicals have come up lately but these have further aggravated chronic stress due to their high toxicity profiles. In such an alarming situation, nutritional supplements from natural resources have come to rescue to combat the excess free radicals and relieve chronic stress.

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Chronic stress is a negative phenomenon caused by conglomeration of concerns that impacts on one’s mental and physical well-being in long term causing major damage to health and quality of life, thus developing a natural and easy to take nutritional supplement to rejuvenate vital organs and prevent chronic stress and fatigue is of utmost importance.

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